Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So it is that time of year again! United Way campaign and all the temptations of signing up for fun volunteer projects! Now I have to decide which one I can commit to so that I can try to stick with my goal of finding balance. They all seem like so much fun though! There's one place that keeps catching my attention though, it's the New Beginnings center for young new mom's. There are so many ways to help: babysitting, helping with activities, donating, being a mentor for one of the mom's. *EEEK* I would just LOVE it!

Then I have to weigh out the possible negatives it could cause: how much time would I spend on this, how much extra do I put on my budget for it, can I involve my kids/family and still avoid them feeling neglected or like their mom is being spread too thin?

Things always seem to boil down to planning. Thinking it all through and deciding which activity (instead of ALL of them), how much time I will commit to per week or per month, how much money I will cap on spending toward it, and then see what happens from there. HOW EXCITING!

Think about volunteering somewhere! Join with a friend even! It gives back to you SO MUCH more...a new network in your life, new friends, gain different experiences, and best of all make a huge difference in someone's life...actually SEVERAL people's lives! How awesome is that? =) <3 Hugs! ~Prudy ***Making little ripples of happiness in your community will cause a tidal wave of happy people!

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