Thursday, November 11, 2010

No Electronics Day!

I was having a mushy mom moment and started writing a letter to one of my children to let her know how proud I am of her and how very much I love her. When I finished I felt so good inside, it was PRICELESS! I was so stressed out for a long time, and it was better than any therapy I could think of! The letter meant so much to me that I wrote another one for the other 2 kids because I knew I was just as proud of each of them and (of course) loved them just as much. I placed the letters on each of their pillows for them to find when they went to bed. I thought, what a great way to end a day and have in their minds when they go to sleep.

The next day, I found a letter from my youngest child on my pillow! She wrote me back! I would be lying if I said I didn't shed a tear when I read her sweet letter, she always amazes me for being SO SMART at the young age of 8!

So then I was on a mission. (which always scares my partner, and sometimes the children! haha) I knew this was a great stress reliever for me, and a great booster for the recipients, so I had an idea! (now you're a little scared too, aren't you? haha!!) I grabbed 3 notebooks, stuffed each of their letters in the back of each notebook, and wrote another letter in each of them, and placed them carefully in their rooms. (VERY carefully in my 17-year-old's room because it looks like land mines went off in his room and I'm always afraid I will be the next to set another one off!) and I told them this will now be our personal journal between us. (I mean now not so personal since it's broadcasted on the internet! But still personal because you don't know what it says! Plus I thought sharing the idea would be great in case other families want to steal the idea!) But now I can go to their rooms, and write a note to them to say how proud I am, or things I noticed lately that they did very well. And they can write back to me if they have something on their mind that they either can't or haven't had time to say out loud to me. I told them this does not replace verbal communication, but rather just adds to the ways we can show care and love for each other.

God I love that! (then again a Gemini always gets a rise out of communication)

Another activity I can chalk up as something to do when I say "NO ELECTRONICS DAY!" at which they all moan because it means no TV, no computer, no texting, no video games, NO ELECTRONICS! (and yes, I have had to clarify that means not only ones that plug in but also ones that require batteries as well!!)

Happy Communicating!

***Making little ripples of happiness will cause a tidal wave of happy people in your life***

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