Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And these are the days of our lives....

I changed the theme of the page a bit, since I feel off track from the last one (hence my randomness. So many people in my life keep telling me to blog what happens in our life because it's been said time and time again "PRUDY!! You're life could be a sitcom!!" and "You should write this stuff down!!" So, laugh, learn, or do what you will with it! =)

The month of October! Oh boy! Where do I start?
I spent an entire Friday night with my 17-yr-old son in the Emergency Room for what was thought to be poisoning. Come to find out he experimented with drugs, a drug called K2 that they sell over the counter in our community! The good that came of this??? I learned about something very important; a dangerous drug that is available to all of my children and anyone in our community. I never would have known about this if this didn't happen, now I know what kinds of signs to look for and to involve my kids with my research about the side effects and the dangers.

Then...I took my 13-year-old to the doctor for a lump on her back where they referred me to Gillette's Children's Hospital for emergency surgery to treat her scoliosis. I paid for a 2nd opinion at a chiropractor within 2 days and they backed the decision to go to the pediatric spine specialists at Gillette. The next week I spent an entire day in the cities where they said surgery wasn't necessary, but casted her torso so a fitted body brace could be made for her that she needs to wear 18-23 hours per day for next year or two. The good?? We caught it early enough to correct, AND she doesn't need back surgery!

Then...one of our cats was having chronic bladder infections and was going to be put down. But it was suggested that maybe she has become very picky about her food and litter box and refuses to share it with the other cat (we have 2 litter boxes, but the other cat uses both of them) so we found a home on the very day she was going to be put down. A VERY nice family (with no other pets) welcomed her with open arms and are going to do whatever possible to fix her bladder issues. Who does that!?

So after a very sitcommy October, not a dull moment EVER, November has begun and I feel very much at peace with how everything ended up. Everything that has happened seems to have a happy new start! Especially for the little pets that are dependent on us for their health and happiness. I love those little creatures! =')

Now Christmas is quickly approaching, and I found out today that we might be adopting a family for Christmas...which means we get to go shopping and buy presents for another family and make their Christmas as special as we possibly can! I am SO EXCITED!!

Sorry this entry is so long - we had to (re)start somewhere!! Please feel free to respond or comment!

Love and hugs to all always,

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  1. Wow, Prudy, I am amazed that you can find a sitcom in your October! It sounds like it was really challenging -- I commend you for focusing on the light that can be seen in everything life throws at you.