Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer is Here!

So it's been a while since I've logged in, yet my followers are still with me and continue to grow little by little! So...THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Lots has been going on!

We have taken someone into our home for the summer to help her get on her feet. With 6 of us already living in our home, it was a bit of work to clear out some space and make a room available and block it off as privately as we could. But all seems to be working so far so good!

Two of our daughters have started volunteering at the Nursing home TWO days per week! I am SOOO proud of them! The residents there love their company and smiling faces.

Quite a long time ago I sent out an invitation to the neighborhood kids and parents to start doing little projects together and spread a touch of love to our community and neighbors. The response was very sweet and inspiring just as I thought it would be! So, even with all the weekend festivities going on in our town this weekend, given the storms MIGHT put a damper on some of it, I think some indoor activities with the neighborhood kids might be just about perfect!

I will keep you posted with what we decide to do. Any suggestions or ideas - please post your comment! Thanks!!

Have a wonderful fantastic day!

~ Prudys ramdom self

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