Monday, May 10, 2010

remember to spread the kind words...

Today is Monday May 10th. What a great day! I have so much to be thankful for, yet I feel sad for how I discover how much I am thankful for because sometimes others aren't as fortunate. That's why we DO random acts of make their day, right? But you have to help me to feel like it's doing some good, can you do that? For those who haven't found their happiness, every night I include them in my prayers, asking God to help them, and then I thank Him and my angels for blessing me and my family in so many ways. I have 4 beautiful and wonderful children, a significant other that is 2nd to none, a fantastic career at a company that I am so proud to work at, and wonderful wonderful friends and neighbors. There isn't anything else I need or want to make me happier, the rest are just materials. And that's why I want to give to others. Any random act or gesture I can offer to anyone to share the happiness that I get to feel every day of my life. Maybe they are happy too, so another act of kindness is only going to make it even better!

Today I searched online for more ideas for upcoming outings I am going to make to fulfill my 2010 goals. And I came across so many wonderful wonderful ideas!! One of them I want to share with you!! Gather children in the neighborhood and do various activities like bake cookies together and deliver them in little packages to other neighbors, sick people, or a nursing home, or hold a free neighborhood carnival. So, I created some invitations to form a neighborhood RAoK committee!!! With the neighborhood kids (and parents if they want to) we could really make a great impact! I can't wait! What a GREAT idea for summer activities with the neighborhood kids! And when I'm at work, I'm sure they will be working on some of these projects! I am SOOOOO excited! And I encourage any parents out there to try this in their neighborhoods too! I can share so many fantabulous ideas I found!!! Email me if you want subject line RAoK 2010.

Big Hugs everyone!! MUAH!!

~ Prudy

***Making little ripples of kindness will cause a tidal wave of happy people in our community.***

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My story went in the Gillette Newsletter that I mentioned in a previous post, so be on the lookout for their newsletter!

I made a conscious effort to log in more often and report some more Random Acts. Since last time here are a couple things I've been doing:

At work they started offering 15 min chair massages on Fridays for $10 per spot. When I emailed to reserve a spot they said there is already a waiting list!! Wow! High demand! So I thought to myself, since this is such a hot item right now, would better way to make someone's day than to anonymously reserve a 15 min chair massage? So I did. The person found out today that they are scheduled for a massage at work!! How wonderful!!

A very close and dear person to me was venting about how hard she is working at getting her degree and has many children to care for: hence the reason for her going for her degree! I let her vent and was a good listener. When she was done, I told her lets get in your car and go for a quick ride to the gas station. And I filled her tank with gas. She tried to resist my offer, but I told her she knows I have been randomly helping other people, so what better time than now to randomly help someone who is trying SO hard, doing a fantastic job, and deserves it just as much as the next person does. She was SOOOOO happy and gracefully accepted! It made my day!

More to come!!! I pinkie swear that...