Thursday, February 25, 2010

things are getting exciting!!!


The kids and I, and my sister-in-law Tonya, (THANK YOU TONYA!!!) made out 165 valentines to bring to Good Shepherd Nursing Home. (I know I've been too busy to get on the computer since then to update, sickness in the house, and I've had 2 different viruses since then, so now is the first time I've had the time to sit down at the computer. Some people might think this whole thing is for people who have extra time on their hands...but they can think again, because we are probably one of the most busiest families around!) :0) So, my 2 daughters & I went to the nursing home and spent a couple hours there handing out Valentines, and sugar free candies (so the diabetic people can have some too) and it was so wonderful! At first my girls were a little scared to go into their rooms, and kind of pushed me in first to hand them their treat and valentine. But it didn't take long, and once my girls saw how easy it was to just say "Hi!! We're here just handing out Valentines to you and bringing a little treat." And they would sit up, come to life, and just smile and say "Wow, thank you!" and they would ask what grade they are in or what school they go to, and just loved the company. Soon they were fighting over who got the next room, so I had to give one of them the right side of the hallways, and the other the left side. It was so sweet!! So I joked with them as we were leaving and said, soooooo....since we handed out 165 of those, when I enter my log it could TECHNICALLY be #5 - #170, right?" We giggled, and I think they knew I wouldn't do such a thing!


I follow the story of Ian Hoy on caring bridge and his mom always talks so wonderful about the Gillette Children's Hospital. So, being my little random self, after reading one of her journal entries, I hopped over to the Gillette website and looked for a donation spot. I couldn't find one so I emailed them and asked for some help. Jenny responded and guided me to a link where I could make an automatic donation every month. She asked if I had been there or have kids that had help there, and I told her, no, I've never been there, and I have been blessed with 3 healthy kids. (knocking on wood) But to know that so many people rave about how wonderful your facility is and how fantastic the staff are to their children and the families, makes me feel 100% sure that I want to contribute to that! Our kids deserve the best care possible and I try to be realistic that, yeah, a day might come that I might end up there with one of my kids or grandkids some day. anyway, long story short, they were so excited about my response that they asked if they could include me in their newsletter and guess what!???? They are including our random acts of kindness blogspot in their newsletter! :) So you are all going to be famous now!!! :) NOW do you want to be followers?????? Ha, I thought so! I'll post the link to the newsletter as soon as I get it!

Big Hugs Tonight!
`·. Prudy

OH ~ and don't forget...Making little ripples of kindness will cause a tidal wave of happy people in our community.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

#4 Post Office Madness

Waiting in line at the Post Office there was a couple and their young son with 2 big boxes of envelopes who purchased many sheets of stamps. They shuffled out of line and moved their supplies to the counter and started applying their stamps. It looked like it would take an hour or longer. I stepped out of the line, jumped in the minivan and ran home to get the kids and told them "gear up! I found a random act!" they all got ready and groaned and grumbled all the way to the Post Office (I ain't gonna lie). So we got there and handed them one of our RAoK cards and explained our mission and they looked at us like we are very odd people (which they are RIGHT, again I ain't gonna lie!) but they let us split up their stack of envelopes with them and we set up a mini-assembly line and got it all done pretty quickly with now 7 people working on it. The man told me he is a college graduate doing a research project and sending hundreds of surveys out to pastors in 3 states. So I told him, "Great! That means both of us are getting a project done today!" Then I remembered to get back into line and pay for my own postage and we went home.

It wasn't much, but it was something anyway. Tomorrow we are working on something very special for Valentine's day! We hope to make 165 special people smile tomorrow - so tune in tomorrow!!!!! :o)

`·. Prudy